" Our heart intends our passions,
the understadnig hes it for steering "
Marquis de Vauvenargues

FIFe International Champion Dearcat's Vantastic-Blue (british blue Boy)

Hello and welcome on the homepage the Dearcat's cats.

Our Prefix:Cattery name "Dearcat's" number 77952 is registered with the FIFe (Federation Internationale Feline) 1-DEKZV e.V. (1.Deutscher Edelkatzenzuechter Verband since 1922). This Website is still to become to want dedicated to all cat lovers or of them it. We would like to present here our hobby breed and to bring this extremely beautiful and responding race also to different humans more near. With much time and loves provide we for each animal. Our cats are adequate family members and for us are everyone an individual of which much stroking units and care need over psychologically and physich to be healthy. Affectionate education, optimal nutrition and veterinary surgeon supply are our ambitions. Our affectionately drawn up kitten answer deep confidence and loves attachment in humans. The breed ambitions which we pursue are healthy, beautiful, strong and above all typeful cats, which possess a dear-worthy and good character. On the following web pages you will learn us and our favourites to know more near, and we hope to find that fallen you at our sides. If you should have questions or suggestions, you can reach us at any or by E-Mail. Now much fun and pleasant stay on Dearcat's sides wish.

Our cats live in the house and are free everywhere. Kittens are used to all sounds, such as: humans, dogs, domestic noise, television, radio, music, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, washing machine. We spoil our cats and kittens. You should be in the bedroom bed, on the couch and have many scratching posts at home. Fresh air, sun and all smells Enjoy the cats on secure terrace.
Our lives are focused on the cats and we are happy with it, although a lot of work is involved ...

Our breed is based exclusively only british shorthair in solids/self colors: blue, white, bicolour/tricolour with amber eyes. Free of / without: tabby, colourpoint, silver, gold, fawn, cinnamon or other breeds. We breed mainly in blue and classic white. To keep the gene pool healthy, also a little cream, calico / bicolour and blue-cream.

All kitties: are FIFe registered 1.DEKZV -- four 4 or 6 generation pedigree -- new homes at 13 weeks -- fully vaccinated RCP -- microchipped -- wormed -- health check by vet clinique -- including health certificate from the veterinarian -- lover/house kittens are neutered/desexed.

If you are interested in kittens for breeding? Write to us and introduce yourself thoroughly with all the information. We want to know who we are dealing with and if you are suitable.

I love and live in an style called Shabby Chic. Very romantic with bright old furniture, which I now work with high quality chalk colors. Most of the furniture and decorations date from other eras. We visit ancient markets in Belgium or France and have a lot of fun. I love and collect old showcase dolls / tailor dolls that decorate my home...

Agnieszka-Anna (Agnes) & Martin Ziemendorf

All our cats are supplied with very high quality food. Dry feed and moist feed for example from Royal Canin, Applaws, Feringa, Macs, Miamor, Cosma. Daily Fresh meat, day-old chicks, vitamins and much more. They are healthy and thank us with a lot of vitality.

All cats in white from our breed are BAER-Hearing Test ( Brain Stem Auditory-Evoked Potentials Recorded) no gossip test.


FIFe International Champion Dearcats Jill-Sander Blue (British blue Boy)

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