Kalisz (Poland) 12. January 2008
FIFe Show - Slaski Klub Milosnikow Kotow Rasowych w Katowicach.

Dearcats blue Olivia BRI-a Female Class 9
EX 1; CAC; BIV; Nom. BIS; BIS cat. 3
(Unanimously); BOB 1

IC. + GIC* Tip Toes White Xavier BRI-w 62 Male Class 5
EX 1; CAGCIB; Nom. BIS; Best op. Sex (BOS) cat. 3

Decorated cage where our animals during the show to rest itself can do

Pictures © Jerzy Matysiak ( BRI BERI* PL)

Olivia won BIV and CAC

Decision between (Xavier) male and (Olivia) female category 3

Xavier won the Best opp. Sex (BOS) category 3

Show happens extremely rarely with FIFe. Two cats from various categories won the BOB 1 with same point number.

Olivia at winner place

both also very beautiful Norwegians cat

A successful foreign country show goes toward to the end. We are very lucky in addition, tiredlye :-)

Pictures Ms. © Olga Fajkowska (BRI-Misie *PL)




Mayor Pokal - Kalisz 2008