Young Cats

BSH a (blue)
Bloodgroup B=B/B

"Summer" is a girl in the color blue, with precise and excellent features for a British shorthair cat. Very strong physique and bone structure, big paws, wide neck, round eyes, small ears well placed, well-trained forehead with great nose length and nose line, and very dense protruding coat quality and a very lovable character.

BSH a 03 (blue-white - heterozygous for blue)
Bloodtype: B=B/B

Bambina is just as great and very well-built girl in color blue white (bicolour). Your color distribution is very attractive and corresponds to the exact blue-white standard. Genetically it is a so-called heterozygous bicolor cat that can inherit both two-color and solid, but is not required. Everything depends on the future partner selection and genetics.