Our breeding thoughts. Mating blue from the best European FIFe (only) British Shorthair lines that ever existed: Lightstone, Harvest Moon, Bavarians Blue, Tip Toes, Uhlenspeegel, Cattepoel's, Joufllu, v. Kossmann, Siemagic's, Klein Elsetal, Kondwiramur, Dearcat's, Golden Door's, Chat Royal, Of Darjeeling, Small Panther, Bloomingdale's, Loewenherz, vum Rousegaard, v. Ziegeunerboden, v. Juwelental and more...
Plan ideas and whether it is fact, I decide to soon. The order of the matings is no contest

Dearcats Cats- Pictures ©

Dearcat's Little-Heaven (british blue boy)

FIFe International Champion Dearcat's Jill-Sander Blue (british blue boy)

FIFe Supreme Champion+Grand International Champion* Tip Toes White Xavier, Distinguished Show Merit (british white boy)

SC.GIC* Tip Toes White Xavier, DSM (BRI-w62)

FIFe International Champion Dearcat's Blue-Diamond (british blue boy)

IC.Dearcat's Blue Diamond

IC.Dearcat's Blue Diamond
BIV und BIS Category 3 the Germany/Melsungen 30.April 2014

BIS Adult Male Category 3

BIS Adult Male Category 3

FIFe International Champion Dearcat's Vantastic-Blue (british blue boy)

FIFe Grand International Champion Dearcat's Blue-Sunnyboy (british blue boy)

Pictures Females

Resool's Unique

FIFe National Winner 2012 GIC.Dearcat's Kiss Kiss Kiwigirl