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Information for people looking for a cat for cat therapy. I currently have a perfect fit British Shorthair teenager in blue. For feline therapy :)


Finally our boy from Florida, USA arrived in Germany. Dear Bri - THANK YOU for your trust :)


Ragdoll Cats:   I have my long-awaited love. The beautiful Ragdoll cats have always fascinated me. Now i start to breed them. My cats come from excellent lines. They are color point and blue eyed. Girls page: Ragdoll "Yoki". The British Shorthair breeding remains of course also active.    

british shorthair kittens - Info: Email.



July: We have 5 kittens (3 boys and 2 girls) in blue. Parents and kittens we present on the "kitten". Interested ? write us eMail. Shipping worldwide.


June: We are often in the garden. Everything is blooming beautifully. The new summer terrace for cats, integrated into the year-round winter garden, is taking shape. Everything is secured, and in addition, transparent multiplex panels are attached to the upper part of the fence. They prevent escape if a cat climbs. Directly in the front area of the summer terrace (sunny south-facing), a new perennial and flower bed is laid out - plants growing upright provide shade in summer. Perennials thrive in ceramic tubs on the terrace: catmint, lavender, green parsley, mint, basil, geraniums (non-toxic). All in all, a lot of work and a test of patience - the Corona period and the warlike conflicts lead to shortages and long waiting times for building materials.

" The garden is the last luxury of our days, because it requires what is most precious in our society, time, attention and space"

Page: Available we have beautiful Teen cat for Sale :)


December: We have new very colorful kittens. The mom is Agilis Cattus Esprit and dad Dearcat's Indigo. Pic. side kitten.
Kittens from Mr.Purple and Hyacinthe blue are very sweet. and pretty. New pictures: side kitten.

Father: Dearcat's Indigo // Mother: Agilis Cattus Esprit. Kittens Born 30.August 2021


August 09' : Spring kittens we have brought to the new owners. All are very happy. From first litter of Mr. Purple remains with us one blue female: Pepsi-Cola.
We have new kittens in blue. Born: June and July. Pictures on kittens page.

June 15' : Outside weather is becoming more beautiful. Roses in the garden bloom. April kittens grow, thrive and become increasingly independent. Weaning takes place without problems. Soon the first veterinary examinations and basic immunization (vaccination) follow. Taking pictures of very agile and playful kittens became an adventure. Videos on the other hand work out quite well.
So take a look at our Youtube channel.
British Shorthair Dearcats Cattery DE*

Juny- kittens site: pictures

Mai - kittens site: pictures

Dearcat's new generation was born on April 19 and 20. We have two litters.Kittens colors: blue and blue bicolor The fathers are Mr. Purple and Valentin's. Everything went great until now. Moms and kids are doing well.
If you are interested in buying kittens - write us an email. Kittens are ready for delivery from the end of July. But if they will travel abroad - rabies vaccination must follow. Then the delivery will be delayed for 4 weeks.

For more information: 'Kitten' page
YOUTUBE KANAL Name: British Shorthair Dearcats Cattery

We are expecting kittens in April and May

Welcome to 2021, the cold monotonous months are almost over. Our cats are enjoying the light sunshine of the month. We are planning kittens in spring...


It is quiet with us. Christmas is coming soon. This year will be different. All people need time to relax. We wish you good health and luck ! And we will get back to you when there are news.

We have no kittens.

In recent months there have been concerns and suffering regarding COVID19 worldwide.
We want to enjoy the summertime. The sunny weather brought a beautiful rose season to our garden. We celebrate the time and relax in our garden and the cats on the secured terrace enjoy with a good time...

We have no kittens.



The first 2020 FIFe shows were successful. On 11.01.2020 in Netherlands: NW 19 CH. Dearcat's Electrick Iceboy 3 - Ex1, Best in Variete and Best in Show Category 3 Male
On 29.02.-01.03.2020 in Switzerland: National Winner 2019 Grand International Champion Dearcat's Blue Topas, DVM - Saturday and Sunday Ex1, CACS, Best in Variete Total, Best in Show Category 3 Male

We interrupt the show because of COVID19 which is growing everywhere. We didn't go to Poland on show. Further shows in Austria and Germany have already been cancelled by organizers. When we will be on show again - at the moment unknown.

We also have new title National Winner 2019 for Dearcat's Electrick Iceboy 3
This is the 4 cat from our cattery with this title.

NATIONAL WINNER 2019 International Champion Dearcat's Electrick Iceboy 3 BSHa

NATIONAL WINNER 2018 Grand International Champion Dearcat's Blue Topas DISTINGUISHED VARIETE MERIT BSHa
NATIONAL WINNER 2016 Supreme Champion Dearcat's Blue Sunnyboy DISTINGUISHED SHOW MERIT BSHa
NATIONAL WINNER 2012 Grand International Champion Dearcat's Kiss Kiss Kiwigirl

In spring and summer we do not have litters. Only then do we plan litters. In the following we present some male candidates for our matings. If everything goes as desired, we must wait until the mating has taken place. Two new beautiful young cats live with us. So we want to have new bloodlines and beautiful colours in the next kitten generations. First of all we hope for kitten colours in black, and in tri-colour. Kittens in blue are also born...

We have spring and the cats are allowed on the secured terrace. A lot of sun and relaxation will follow in the next months.


New Girls: black-red-with white and lilac-cream-whit white
Esprit Agilis Cattus and Eternity Agilis Cattus


September: Our summer time and holiday by the sea is over. Now we are preparing for the arrival of the kittens in September.


New FIFe Show title Mai 2019: Grand International Champion Dearcat's White Rose and International Champion Dearcat's Bicolour Bambina


EMS Code: BSH a
USA Import
British Shorthair blue
Sex: male
Bloodtype B // PKD, FIV, FeLV Test // does not carry the long hair gene // does not carry the genes: c,b, p,o,y,s,33


Very laborious search, very long waiting,very long air travel - we are very happy !
Special thanks to my husband. He took care of the air travel and the vacation by personally collecting the cat of the breeder.
Special thanks to the breeder of the kitten - for your trust in us !

April: FIFe International Cats Show Germany
Dearcat's Electric Iceboy: Ex1, CAC, BEST IN VARIETE (Total), BEST IN SHOW Category 3
CH.Dearcat's Bicolour Bambina, Ex1, CACIB
IC. Dearcat's White Rose, Ex1, CAGCIB
CH.Dearcat's Electric Iceboy: Ex1, CACIB, BEST IN VARIETE (Total), BEST IN SHOW Category 3
CH.Dearcat's Bicolour Bambina, Ex1, CACIB
IC. Dearcat's White Rose, Ex1, CAGCIB


FIFe NATIONAL WINNER Great success with our cats!
Each FIFE member country can receive max. 15 cats receive the title National Winner (NW) per calendar year and decide how to award this title. These must be announced in writing before the year in question.

NATIONAL WINNER 2012 Grand International Champion Dearcat's Kiss Kiss Kiwigirl
NATIONAL WINNER 2016 Supreme Champion Dearcat's Blue Sunnyboy, DISTINGUISHED SHOW MERIT
NATIONAL WINNER 2018 Grand Internaitonal Champion Dearcat's Blue Topas

We are proud !!!


FIFe International Cats Show 10+11.November 2018/Germany

Grand International Champion Dearcat's Blue Topas, British blue
Ex1, CACS, Best In Show Male Category 3, Shorthair Cats
Ex1, CACS, BIS Nomination
Dearcat's Bicolour Bambina, British blue-white
Ex1, CAC, BIS Nomination

Bambina now has three CAC certificates and thus has now
FIFe Champion title

Bambina now has three CAC certificates and thus has now


FIFe International Cats Show 03.06.2018 Germany-Ratingen

National Winner 2016 + Supreme Champion Dearcat's Blue Sunnyboy DSM

class 1: Ex1, Best In Varieté Adult, Nom. BIS, Best In Show (BIS) Male Category 3 Shorthair

New FIFe Title: DSM - Distinguished Show Merit

we enjoy the beautiful summer time. In our garden beautiful roses are blooming...


May: We enjoy early summer. Cats are looking forward to the sun and a lot of exercise in the secure, spacious terrace. It smells of herbs and now the peonies are blooming in our garden. The roses are also beginning to reveal themselves.We enjoy strawberries and asparagus in a variety of delicious variations.

Asparagus (green and white) - strawberries - arugula salad

FIFe exhibition 07/08. April 2018 in France FR
IC.Dearcat's Blue Topas
Sa. Ex1, CAGCIB -
New FIFe titles achieved, including certificates in Germany and other European countries: FIFe GRAND INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION
Su. Ex1, CACS, Best In Varieté, BIS Nomination

I got Xavier 16 years ago from my longtime girlfriend and experienced British Shorthair breeder Evelin Geisler Prefix: Tip Toe's. I would like to promote the extremely beautiful color of british shorthair. This breeding work in white is very responsible, demanding, cost-intensive and very durable. In FIFe breeding, whites are paired only with colorful Solids partners. The whites have to prove a hearing test. Only audible cats can participate in the breeding program.
Xavier is extremely cute. With snow-white and short coat. He passes on his character and beauty to his descendants. I hope there are more breeders who take the beautiful color of british shorthair to heart.


FIFe Cats Exhibition Germany DE 10.03/11.03.2018
IC. Dearcat's Blue Topas:
Dearcat's Bicolour Bambina class 7-10 Teenager
Sa. EX1, Nomination BIS // Su. EX1

This European event is always associated with International Breed Cats (FIFe) and Breed Dogs (VDH-FCI) Exhibition. Dog Show is called CACIB and is the largest in Europe. Over 400 dog breeds will be presented to the judges panel. A total of several thousand dogs. FIFe International Breed Cats Exhibition is held in separate halls. Many visitors come by and we have a lot of fun and very nice conversation.

Best In Show Male Adult Category 3 Shorthair

Nomination BIS and Best In Variete British Shorthair blue Total

Best In Show Category 3, Adult Male

Nomination BIS 7-10 class Teenager

Best In Show Male and Best In Show Female Category 3 Shorthair. Me and my girlfriend "Moni":)


We also have a big cat tree at home. It is very stable, weighs 150kg, the cushions are removable and washable at 40 degrees

Su. presentation and comparison to Best in Variete

Sa. presentation and comparison to Best in Variete


FIFe Cats Exhibition Belgium BE 24.02./25.02.2018
IC. Dearcat's Blue Topas:
Saturday: Ex1, CAGCIB

Copyright: Her Majesty

nice photos I have selected for the website viewers ...


Welcome 2018

Dearcat's Cats on FIFe Exhibitions.

Germany: Adult class - Ex 1, Best In Varieté, Best In Show Nomination !
France: Adult class - Ex 1, Best In Varieté, Best In Show, Best Of Best !
Germany: Teenager class 7-10 M.- Ex 1, Best In Varieté !