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++49 (0)6184-903664
Family: Agnes and Martin Ziemendorf
Contact via e-mail desired: please write us and introduce yourself. Whether you are a breeder or not. It is important to know who we are giving a kitten to. We answer all messages.
Would you like to know more about our breeding and inform yourself ? Therefore contact the association we are registered with. 1.DEKZV - FIFe
Would you like information about air transport for animals? We will endeavor to transmit all important information directly to you. Everything is possible for you to welcome your darling at home.

Due to of automatic Spam assortment by the PC, are some e-Mails for us, had not arrived intended. We request around the renewed forwarding of customer message.
(Auf Grund von automatischen Spam Sortierung durch den PC, sind einige e-mails die für uns vorgesehen waren, nicht angekommen. Wir erbitten um die erneute Zusendung von Kunden Nachrichten).

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