We are always working on the best properties of British Shorthair cats. Strong and stable physique on thick legs and thick bones. Strong neck, wide shoulder. Round big eyes with great pigment. Dense coat that sticks out and is in good grip. And a lovely nature / character - that's how we imagine the British Shorthair. It is very difficult to breed such animals, so we regularly keep Kitten and observe the evolution so that only the best lines come together. Besides, we love small well placed ears, and we now manage to breed this property well. All breeding cats are regularly vaccinated against diseases, and leucose.
We breed ONLY British Shorthair without crossing it with the longhaired variant.

FIFe Grand International Champion DEARCAT'S BLUE OLIVIA *DE

EMS Code: BSH -a (blue)
Bloodtype. A (carrier: AB and B)

- - - - - - IC. Bruno v. Uhlenspeegel, Bloodtype. A, PKD+HCM clean // CH. Lady-Jane Blue v. Wernerwald, Bloodtype. AB, PKD+HCM clean - - - - - -

DEARCAT'S X-TASY *DE (Ikusia, Ixi)

EMS Code: BSH g (blue-cream)
Bloodtype A (carries B)

- - - - - - V. FIFe IC. Dearcat's Jill-Sander Blue, BSH a, Bloodtype. B // M.Dearcat's Cream Apassionata BSH e, Bloodtype. A - - - - - -


FIFe International Champion DEARCAT'S WHITE-ROSE BSHw 62

Bloodtype: ? B or A (gentest soon)
EMS BSHw 62 (british shorthair white, carrier blue, amber eyes)

BAER Test brainstem auditory evoked response // BAEP Test brainstem auditory evoked potential: OK'

Strong, stocky, very well built. Thick bones structure. Round thick paws. Strong neck area. Pure white coat. Eyes very good in color (still under development). In my opinion, the eyes could still be size and round. But on "Whitey" I waited 3 years until my Rose gave birth to a daughter in white. A long time…

Young Girl

FIFe International Champion DEARCAT'S WHITE OLIVIA "ROSE" *DE

EMS Code: BSH-w62 white (carries for blue)
Bloodtype. A (carrier: A/B and B)

BAER Test brainstem auditory evoked response // BAEP Test brainstem auditory evoked potential: OK'

- - - - - - SC.GIC* Tip Toes White Xavier, DSM, Bloodtype.A (clean A) PKD+HCM clean // GIC. Dearcat's Blue Olivia, Bloodtype. A (carries A/B and B) , PKD+HCM clean - - - - - -


EMS Code: BSH-a (blue)
Bloodtype. B (clean: B=B/B)

- - - - - - IC. Purr Fect Pablo BRI-a, Bloodtype. B, PKD+HCM clean // CH. Dearcats Blue Sunshine BRI-a, Bloodtype. B PKD+HCM clean - - - - - -

Großeltern Mutterseite: CH. Bavarians Blue Yessy, BRI-a, Bloodtype .B ,PKD+HCM clean x Dearcats White Kashmir BRI-w62, Bloodtype. A (carries B), PKD+HCM clean
Großeltern Vaterseite: SC. Bosse v. Harvest Moon, BRI-a, Bloodtype .B x SC. Purcilla Van Het Woelige Leven BRI-a, Bloodtype. B


EMS Code: BSH-g 03 (blue-cream-white, tricolor)
Bloodtype. A (carrier: AB and B)

- - - - - - IC.+IC* Creme Gaspar vom Wernerwald BSH-e, Bloodtype. AB, PKD+HCM clean // Dearcats Blue-White Xara, BSH-a 03, Bloodtype. A (carries B), PKD+HCM clean - - - - - -