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I breed purebred British Shorthair without crossing it with other breeds. Even modern colors that appear through intersections do not interest me.

We practice pediatric castration of kittens. Veterinary clinic performs the operations professionally. Without exception all pet kittens are neutralized before moving to the new family.

we have NEW kittens in blue
adorable, sweet, beautiful

The kittens are sold. We have new litter in blue. Pictures later, or via eMail.


At the moment there is a great interest to buy a kitten from Dearcat's. I already have many inquiries.

The most important thing is to find a permanent, and loving home for my kittens. Therefore, reservation or priority before I have not made a decision is not possible. I keep a list of clients, and make necessary notes - such as name, email as well as your wishes, for example: color of the kitten.
I take the time to choose from the interested ones to match the right kitten with the right person or families. Therefore, the kittens are not reserved immediately, but I wait to see how they develop in their personality the kittens. There are families with or without children - therefore everything should harmonize with each other. I also expect you to check on the kitten regularly - it is very nice if you show interest and accompany the kitten in its growth and development.
Also, make sure that everyone in your family is healthy and has no so-called cat allergies. If you have never had to deal with cats - an allergy test is an advantage to check everything.
I always want and insist that the interested family or person, if possible, come for a visit before deciding on a kitten. (But now in the Corona - a visit must be well planned for the time being. For this, ask me personally).

If you are interested in buying a kitten from us, please contact me (Agnes).

When contacting me, please describe what kind of home you can offer to a kitten from DE Dearcat's. If you and your family have children and if you have had cats before. What you already know about British Shorthairs, and anything else you would like to write.
Please remember:
Dearcat's kittens are not considered outdoor cats.

(2018-kittens - sold)


FIFe International Champion Dearcat's Blue Diamond, Blue British Shorthair

Kittens- Sold (pic.2015)


Kitten- Sold


Kittens 8-Weeks

Blue British Shorthair, Dearcats Little-Heaven BSHa

Our breed is thus direct with the FIFe and with the 1-DEKZV e.V. Duly registers. Therefore we fulfill all given achievements