Nobody's Purrfect

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For many years I breed the beautiful breed British Shorthair. I breed purebred British Shorthair without crossing it with other breeds. Even modern colors that appear through intersections do not interest me. I breed classic colors: blue, white, bicolor.



We don't have any kittens. We are planning new mattings in autumn.

(2019-kittens - sold)

(2018-kittens - sold)

FIFe International Champion Dearcat's Blue Diamond, Blue British Shorthair

Kittens- Sold (pic.2015)


Kitten- Sold


Kittens 8-Weeks

Blue British Shorthair, Dearcats Little-Heaven BSHa

Our breed is thus direct with the FIFe and with the 1-DEKZV e.V. Duly registers. Therefore we fulfill all given achievements